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Meet Jessicas Ghost

Jessicas Ghost playing Talk Talk Festival 2014 with Pixie Lott!

Talk Talk Great Getaway Festival 2011

Emma Thorbinson Em has been playing guitar and song writing since the age of 11.  Initially a classically trained brass player Em moved to guitar and vocals and has never looked back!  Previous bands have included Hunderd Story High and Dream Catcher.  Em has performed across Europe with several UK festival aperances and major label supports.  When not performing Em enjoys keeping the other Ghosties in line and is renowned for the number of e-mails she can send in one day!  Em plays Gibson, Washburn and Martin guitars  with Rotosound strings, Fender mandolin and uses Shure microphones.
Lead Vocals/Guitar
Moxy Moxy has been playing bass for a number of years and has been in a numerous bands, the more successful of which were 'The Revivals' and 'Skyrack'. When not playing in the band (in fact whether he's playing in the band or not) Moxy likes beer festivals, decent pubs, and has been known to indulge in a pint or two of real ale. Moxy dislikes getting blamed for everything in rehearsals (usually along with Drummer Dave) but has come to realise that the rhythm section are usually the first to get blamed, even if they weren't actually playing!! Moxy likes to astound the band with his collection of weird and wonderful stringed instruments that R-Chris would like to smuggle home while no-one is looking, but generally he plays Shuker 5 string bass, Shuker fretless 4 string bass, Shuker Electric Upright Bass and uses MarkBass Amplification.
Bass guitar
+ Odd instruments
Dave Thorbinson Drummer Dave has played in various Liverpool based bands over the last 12 years and gigged just about anywhere that'd have him. His bands have headlined at local venues such as the Carling Acadamy, Masque Theatre, The Cavern and Parr Hall as well playing support slots for touring US artists. Dave's bands have also played headline gigs in Chester, Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds. Dave's last band recorded a 5 track EP with Beth Orton and Doves producer Dan Hulme, as well as sessions at other studios in the Northwest. Dave plays a Yahama custom kit with Pearl snare drums and Zildjian K hi-hats, A-Custom crashes, K Orchestral and Avedis 'Beautiful Baby' rides. As well as drums, Dave has been known to play Trumpet, Piano, Synths, Bass Guitar and the fool... 
Christopher Shaw
Chris 'R-Chris' Shaw  has been playing the guitar since age 14 in an attempt to impress girls and look cool. Despite failing at both Chris continued to play guitar and is now a guitar teacher at a weekend music school and believes he is Jack Black from 'School of Rock'. Chris has had no sucessful previous bands for some reason (Ex band members might know) but has played in a variety of different bands including Nu-Metal, Indie, Acoustic pop and classic rock covers band. Chris loves everything from Johnny Cash to Slayer and playing all the way up to 11, even if nobody else does!!! Plays Fender telecaster/stratocaster guitars and Roland amps
Elec/Acoustic Guitar
Craig Smith
Craig, a LIPA graduate, is a full-time professional musician. Piano / keyboards, Latin percussion, bass, and the rather obscure South American quena are just a few of the instruments he's been known to play. In addition to his Ghostly-goings-on, Craig also works as a composer, solo pianist at weddings and similar events, and as a regular member or session player with various singer-songwriters, acoustic duos and function bands across the country. Craig loves the relaxed approach Jessicas Ghost have to music. For Craig's personal website, click here, and see for his wedding/events music business.